Magical floating horses

On of the things that a lot of cartoons did for us is to put the notion that buildings, viagra dosage objects and machines can be alive and have a personality in our brains.

Yesterday I came across a building site with magical creatures doing a very elegant dance. A closer look taught me it were construction workers leveling a freshly put concrete floor with little hovercrafts.

It was quite a site. Especially because the dance quality of the activity was just as strong on a closer look. Big guys with matching mustaches handling their magical floating horses with obvious pleasure and proud skill.

In Dutch this work is called vlinderen, if translated it might be something like: doing a butterfly.

Love it.

Dont recycle, but repair!

Ok, decease now for a solution for superminor problems I actually have.

Loosing the hard parts of my laces, chips of of my plates, dramatic cable rupture an my iPad iPhone iWhatever charger…

Sugru: ‘sugru is the new self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff.Over 285.000 people in 138 countries are using it to make their stuff work better.’

Or as their slogan says: The future needs fixing.

I fixed all kinds of stuff, and like it. Mainly because it is bright yellow, but also because it fixes my things sort of. Yeay for the brand, ok for the product.

But this is de very best part: YEAY YEAY for the cool YouTube clips on fixing: